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                        Valve Series Application

                        Valve Series Application

                        Lost wax casting is a precision casting method for valve components: Butterfly valves, ball valves, gate valve, check valve and globe valve ect.  We can achieve to good dimensions and tolerances, smoother surface..

                        Pump Series Application

                        Pump Series Application

                        HAIGE foundry makes a multitude of cast pump parts including cast pump body, impeller casting, pump housing, pump mounting bracket, as well as other pump castings for the solid waste treatment, oil extraction and refining, concrete construction, petro-chemical and water treatment industries. We use all kinds of cast alloys depending on your demands. Further more,l our spectrometer make sure the precise alloy compositions of the material.

                        Mechanical Parts

                        Mechanical Parts

                        We can supply various mechanical parts at your need

                        Material Available

                        Material Available

                        BrandArticle No.Volume(L)









                        Production Process
                        Yuan Hang5L5184x120x29823HDPEone-piece blow molding
                        Yuan Hang6L-B36235x135x29046
                        HDPEone-piece blow molding
                        Yuan Hang10L-3210222x184x322HDPEone-piece blow molding
                        Yuan Hang10L-3B10230x200x28036HDPEone-piece blow molding
                        Yuan Hang13L13230x200x330HDPEone-piece blow molding

                        • 電話: 0577 8582 0088 / 8582 0077
                        • 手機: 138 5778 3699
                        • 郵箱: hg@hgcast.com
                        • 地址: 溫州市龍灣沙城工業區永福西路209號
                        關鍵詞: 閥門鑄件
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